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A - The Divided Line

The Divided Line

Location: Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD
Client: Light City 2017
Team: RE/PUBLIC (PI.KL Studio, Be|The|To, K. Lechleiter Architect, LED BETTER Studio, and Elsa Haarstad) with Elemental Metalworks


THE DIVIDED LINE is an interactive space for occupation with engagement in a transformative virtual reality. The framework is constructed of steel frames with polycarbonate panels containing LED light tape, constructed to form a cave-like space as the backdrop for a virtual experience. Interaction with the Virtual Reality headsets alters one’s connection to the space. Those that engage the VR experience will be presented with a “hyper-reality” and will open themselves up to a discussion on what the nature of reality is. The intent for the installation is to be sculptural and poetic, engaging and interesting, fun and interactive - yet also deliver an added sense of inclusion in the moment – a hyper-reality that extends the allegory of Light City to the people of Baltimore.

elevation dividedline.jpg


2017 AIABaltimore Excellence in Design Awards, Special Citation for Design Concept