twopoint studio

C - Suspended Brewing


Location: Pigtown, Baltimore, MD
Client: Suspended Brewing
Size: 3,500 sq ft
Budget: Undisclosed


Suspended Brewing Company found a home on the Main Street (Washington Blvd) in Pigtown – southwest Baltimore. This Main Street is currently going through a renaissance with a very strong community-backed storefront improvement program. One thing missing from the neighborhood is a comfortable place to sit and have a beer.

The building has gone through many different tenants – most recently home to a Baptist Ministry. The grade change from the front street to the back alley worked well for the ministry as a platform stage could be built to raise the rear of the space from the area of congregation in the center. These bones worked well for the space to be transformed into a Brewery and Tasting Room.

Suspended Brewing is not interested in distribution, so the brewing operations area could be scaled down to simply support beer production to be served in the space itself. Demolition cleared out the visual clutter from the previous tenants to open up the space for a complete visual connection between the street/entry, through the Tasting Room, into the Brewing Operations beyond.

Highlighted by the reclamation and re-use of existing chandeliers that give a certain character to the space, the cold box (where beer is stored) was simply placed into the center of the space opposite the bar, and wrapped with reclaimed wood. As the budget was limited, we simply limited the walls and partitions, keeping as much of the existing fabric as we could, and fitting out the space with table tops that function as bar seating areas.