twopoint studio

H - 12 E Eager

12 East Eager

Location: Baltimore, MD
Client: Reveal Real Estate Development
Contractor: Elite Contracting Solutions
Size: 4-story, 11 studio apartments
Budget: $225,000


This project initially began as a code evaluation to see what the maximum number of studio apartments could be fit into this historic 20-foot wide town home. Nestled into the Mount Vernon community where student housing options are in demand, we were able to scheme out 11 units with modification to only one existing opening on the basement level for egress - thus the project stayed well within the required CHAP commitments. With a mix of true 1-bedroom apartments and multiple ‘micro-units’ at 300 square feet or less, the project meets market-demand specifically for the surrounding student population - providing clean spaces with historic interior trim details and great access to sunlight.

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