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H - 3505 Clarks Lane

3505 Clarks LANE

Location: Baltimore, MD
Client: Eden Development, LLC
Contractor: Undisclosed
Size: 3-story, 12 Apartments
Budget: $525,000


This remodel of an existing 3-story masonry apartment building intends to bring new character and life to a very common prototype - the brick box apartment building seen commonly in and around the Park Heights/Cross Country area of Baltimore. The stylish refresh starts by enclosing the existing balconies for more interior space. This bonus square footage becomes leasable space as the interior layouts are modified to take advantage of the additional volume. New decks are outfitted with contemporary railing systems. To tie the elevations together, an exterior porcelain tile system is shaped into ‘frames’ that cap over existing roof overhangs and clean up drainage sequencing. Accent wood veneer is applied over the freshly painted brick to provide a color pop. Soffits at the new decks also make use of the wood accent to visually stimulate both horizontal and vertical surfaces in a strictly balanced visual composition.

3D view_brick base.png
3505 Floor Plan New.png