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H - Lakewood and Milton

Lakewood & Milton

Location: Baltimore, MD
Client: Patterson Park Development LLC
Contractor: C.L. McCoy Framing Co
Size: 1780 sq ft and 1544 sq ft respectively
Budget: $203,000 each


Originally built around 1900 near Patterson Park, these homes represent the urban row house typical of late 19th C. construction built for the insurgence of working and middle class immigrants in the City.  The impetus for this project was Healthy Neighborhood’s desire to stabilize the real estate markets in Baltimore neighborhoods.  HNI competed for and was awarded funding from HUD’s NSP2 program and the State of Maryland’s NCI program.  These funding mechanisms and collaboration with Patterson Park Development LLC provided the opportunity to build affordable housing and strengthen the neighborhood with purposeful rehabilitations. These 2 bedroom/2 bath row houses have been restored to maintain the exterior front façades and remaining interior historical features while providing modern amenities including an open kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, dark stained wood cabinets and hardwood flooring throughout, spacious bedrooms, bathrooms and full basements. Energy saving features include Energy Star appliances, lighting and ceiling fans, high efficiency HVAC systems, low flow plumbing fixtures, and a thermally sealed and insulated building envelope assuring the future residents comfort with lower maintenance costs.

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2017 Restoration Award, Baltimore Heritage (Lakewood)