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H - Winans Way

Winans Way Apartments

Location: Baltimore, MD
Client: Greater Baltimore AHC and The Baltimore Station
Contractor: Southway Builders
Size: 81,600 sq ft
Budget: $11.8 million


A 64-unit apartment building which is part of a larger development in the Mt. Winans neighborhood of Baltimore designed to reintroduce the “street” by extending the existing street network into the site and locating the main 4-story element opposite future 3-story townhomes.  The smaller scaled community center serving residents and neighbors alike is located along the primary access to the neighborhood and preserves an existing mature row of street trees.  Apartment access and parking is tucked behind the building creating a buffer to the smaller scale single family home’s rear yards while providing private access.
Designed for LEED silver, this project includes a green roof, bioretention pond, bicycle station, and use of high efficiency HVAC units.  In addition to the mix of 1, 2 and 3 BR units, the design includes ample program and community space with lounges on upper levels, administrative offices with case management, and a multi-purpose space accessible directly for the public and internally for residents.